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Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

At Coffee For Life we offer a range of Bean to Cup Coffee machines to suit any business’s requirements.

Our entry level Italian manufactured Lei SA offers a selection of 12 beverages, which can be tailored to meet your individual requirements, including cup size and from a range of quality beverages such as espresso, cafe latte, mochaccino, americano, cappuccino, moorish chocolate drinks including our recently introduced white chocolate, with the option to provide tea or soup. The machine can be plumbed or bottle fed, whilst it can also incorporate a coin mechanism or proprietary payment system with the benefit of only requiring a small footprint area.

Looking for that something special? Then we also supply a premium range of machinery from one of the worlds leading manufactures Franke, including the truly wonderful FoamMaster™. The Franke FoamMaster™ is the new premium class among coffee machines. Is there a particular beverage you long for? The FoamMaster™ will easily make your wish come true – from classic coffees to warm Latte specialties or cold milk foam beverages. This all-rounder is as unbelievably versatile in its selection as it is easy to operate. You can quickly and easily select your beverage program on the intuitive touchscreen menu and adjust it to your needs at any time. The modern design of the FoamMaster™ also leaves nothing to be desired. Shiny black, shaped with elegance, it is a true visual treat that gives the finishing touch to any interior.

Needless to say our range is extensive, with a price point to suit any business. Have a look around our range and feel free to contact us on 0800 6348610, where we shall be pleased to answer any queries that you may have.

Add a premium coffee bean, traditionally flame roasted to our own specification and you get a top quality, consistent fresh bean to cup coffee each and every time.

Our machine range incorporates something for every business including cafes, bars, restaurants, sports clubs, offices, canteens, forecourts etc and all at the touch of a button